Adam Stansbie ‘Isthmus’


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Award-winning composer Adam Stansbie’s first ever collection of electroacoustic works. These five pieces have won numerous prizes including the ‘Prix Residence’ at the 33rd International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art in Bourges (France), 1st prize in the International Competition of Acousmatic Music “Metamorphoses’ (Belgium) and 1st prize in the third International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual Music (Destellos Foundation – Argentina). In the spirit of the acousmatic tradition, Stansbie’s approach in the first two tracks is to start from traditional acoustic instruments such as strings (Isthmus) and piano (Early Morning) and gradually transform these sounds into electronic counterparts where the source becomes unrecognisable. Thus going from figurative to abstract in a naturalistic, organic sonic evolution. The following three pieces are purely electronic, working with fragments of sound that slowly expand into more ‘orchestral’ textures. Credits: Recorded at City University, London, the Leeds College of Music (LCM) and the composer's studio TRACK LIST: 1. - 3. ISTHMUS (10:05) 4. EARLY MORNING (11:24) 5. PARENTHESIS (8:54) 6. POINTS OF DEPARTURE (22:04) 7. ESCAPADE (9:44) Also available as downloads: Isthmus - Adam Stansbie