BEAST ‘Legacies – vol.2’ (2 CDs)


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A double album celebrating 20 years of BEAST. Released in BEAST's 20th anniversary season, this album celebrates the work of some of the excellent composers who have worked in the Electroacoustic Music Studios at the University of Birmingham over the past twenty years. All the composers represented here performed regularly with BEAST's unique sound diffusion system during their time at Birmingham. An experience which has added a particularly sculptural quality to many of the pieces in this collection. All but one are now teaching in the UK higher education sector, nurturing the next generation of creative sonic artists. All the pieces on the album were judged anonymously by an international jury. Only after the event was it discovered that all the selected composers have a connection with Birmingham and BEAST. Credits: Tracks composed by Alistair MacDonald, Joseph Hyde, Pete Stollery, Robert Dow, Joseph Anderson, Andrew Lewis and David Prio in the Electroacoustic Music Studios, Birmongham University, UK. Catherine Laws: piano on Somewhere Submarine - compiled and produced by Jonty Harrison. TRACK LIST: CD1 1. DREEL (10:00) 2. VOX MECANIX (10:00) 3. ONSET/OFFSET (7:23) 4. WHEN ALL IS SILENT (12:50) 5. ChAnGE's MUSIC (26:00) CD2 1. SCHERZO (8:20) 2. L'ESPRIT CONFORME (10:07) 3. SOMEWHERE SUBMARINE (15:25) 4 . ALTERED IMAGES (12:00) 5. GOLDGLOW (20:00) Also available as downloads: Legacies: Works from Beast, Vol. 2 - Various Artists