Eduardo Reck Miranda ‘Mother Tongue’


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Currently in charge of computer music research at the University of Plymouth, England, Eduardo Reck Miranda is devoted to the quest for new forms of musical expression, independent of fashion and commercial tendencies, trying to amalgamate a diversity of styles with unorthodox but meticulous compositional methods. 'Mother Tongue' includes a selection of works from his research into exploring new possibilities and technologies for composing with voice. Miranda has always been fascinated by the physiology of the human vocal system, its pre-disposition for verbal communication, and especially the role of extra-linguistic utterances in language. From Brazilian sambas to Hieronymous Bosch, Miranda's influences contribute to the blurring of boundaries between the human and the electronic. Sonic ambiguities for our listening pleasure Credits: Simone Sahyouni: Mezzo-soprano - The Contemporary Music Group (conductor: Steve Davismoon) Composed, engineered and produced by Eduardo Reck Miranda TRACK LIST: 1. ELECTROACOUSTIC SAMBA II (7:04) 2. LE JARDIN DE JEROME (11:50) REQUIEM PER UNA VEU PERDUDA 3. Kyrie (3:51) 4. Gloria (3:59) 5. Sanctus-Benedictus (5:12) 6. Agnus Dei (4:07) 7. GOMA ARABICA (7:22) 8. ELECTROACOUSTIC SAMBA I (7:35) 6. ROBOTAPITHECOS (8:07) Also available as downloads: Miranda: Mother Tongue - Eduardo Reck Miranda