Evelyn Ficarra ‘Frantic Mid-Atlantic’


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Evelyn Ficarra's titles like Search, Those Roads and Frantic Mid-Atlantic are all imbued with notions of travel and journey, evoking her Sicilian, Swiss and Californian backgrounds. After a nomadic youth, Ficarra settled in Britain and studied composition with Jonathan Harvey. She is today regarded as one of the UK's most prominent women composers, her works being performed and broadcast regularly around the world. This debut CD is a collection of Ficarra's most exciting recordings to date, revealing her extraordinary musical vocabulary ranging from string septet to solo tape via domestic appliances. 'Frantic Mid-Atlantic' is an often humourous journey through acoustic and electronic sound-collages, intimate whispers and lost airwave voices. Credits: Alwyne Pritchard: voice - David Le Page: violin - Daniella Ganeva: marimba - Eleanor Dawson: baroque flute - Jane Chapman: harpsichord - Gogmagogs: string septet TRACK LIST: 1. SEARCH (5:00) for string septet and tape 2. THOSE ROADS (9:07) for tape 3. PLUS CA CHANGE (12:40) for violin, marimba and tape 4. SOURCE OF UNCERTAINTY - MODEL 266 (8:00) for tape 5. DEUCE (10:00) for baroque flute, harpsichord and tape 6. FRANTIC MID-ATLANTIC (13:53) for solo tap Also available as downloads: Ficarra: Frantic Mid-Atlantic - Evelyn Ficarra