August 16, 2012
John Palmer news
by : dbdanielbiro
John Palmer news


Dear music friends,

May I inform you about some current events that may interest you:

The new harp piece “Boann’s song” was premiered on the 22nd September at the Pulsnitz Castle in Germany by Heloise Ph. Palmer and will be performed at the Museum of Arts (Kunstmuseum) tomorrow at 4pm together with “to the night 1” and “to the night 2” in a special – superimposed – version realized by Heloise Ph. Palmer.

The 2012 Contemporanea Festival in Udine (Italy) will feature 2 portrait concerts on my music to be broadcast ‘live’ on the Internet on 20th and 21st October at 9pm (European Continental Time), 8pm (GMT). The second concert will feature the world premiere of “Musica Reservata”, a piano cycle of 12 pieces written in 1989. Herewith the links:

Contemporanea Festival 2012 John Palmer Web Concert Part1: ( Sunday, 21st October, 9pm (European Continental time): Works to be heard: afterglow, Beyond the Bridge (new version), Transient, se potessi, glimpse, after silence (1), satori. Performers: Yujin Jung (fl), See Eon Kim (pno), Delphine Henriet (cello), Marie-Pierre Roy (soprano), Heloise Ph. Palmer (piano), Marco Bidin (harpsichord), John Palmer (piano & electronics)

Contemporanea Festival 2012 John Palmer Web Concert Part 2: ( Monday, 22nd October, 9pm (European Continental time): Musica Reservata (world premiere of complete cycle). Performer: Friederike Wild (piano)

On 20th October transfiguration will be performed at the Freies Musikzentrum in Stuttgart (Germany) at 8pm. Patrick Crossland (trombone), John Palmer (electronics).

Six days later, on 26th October, after silence (1) will be performed again at the Freies Musikzentrum in Stuttgart (Germany) at 8pm by myself (piano & electronics) in a special version with Heloise Ph. Palmer (percussion)

On 30th october, at 6pm. incidental, chant (3) (from Musica Reservata) will be performed at the Town Hall of Stuttgart, Germany by Friederike Wild (piano).

Another important date for me is the live world premiere of the complete cycle of Musica Reservata on 7th november in the Chamber Music Hall of the University of Music of Stuttgart, played again by Friederike Wild (piano).

A recording of the complete Musica Reservata cycle played by Friederike Wild is ready to be released on CD.

Also, the 4-hands piano work “double-games” and the new (Celtic) harp piece “Boann’s song” will soon be published by the BELLMAN VERLAG (details to follow).

Late October should also bring to light my new website which will include some unexpected surprises…

Love and very best wishes,

John Palmer