marco trevisani

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Marco was born in Verona, Italy, on the last day of carnival. He basically spent his musical life between Milan, Vienna, San Francisco, New York, and then the Caribbean. He has a degree in architecture, and spent his time sitting in front of a computer or the Caribbean sea. 

His musical life began when his father caught him trying to smash the piano keyboard at the age of three. At six he made is first performance by throwing a toy piano from a fifth floor balcony. It is fair to say that, at this age, his experimental art was not completely understood by the older generation. In later years, his piano playing sounds more like a set of 88 percussions filtered through a computer, so the listener never knows who’s playing what: a human, a piano, a percussion instrument, a computer. Marco does not know either. He writes for what could be called computer music theatre and spends his life travelling back and forth between Italy, Puerto Rico and Cuba, carrying a small suitcase full of alligator clips, pieces of wood and plastic.

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