daniel biro

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Of Hungarian descent, Daniel spent his earliest years in Rome, growing up in France and has now been living and working in London since 1985. During his keyboard studies at the Jazz Conservatory of Monaco and Nice University in France, he put together a series of experimental bands and wrote the music for several theatrical productions. This resulted in an early use of electronic instruments and an interest in visual performance, which is reflected in all his work.
In 1993 he founded the Sargasso label to promote contemporary experimental and avant-garde music. He played and recorded with his jazz/psychedelic band Mysteries Of The Revolution formed together with multi-instrumentalist BB Davis, with whom he also runs Hole In The Wall productions. Together they have made a series of award-winning short films developing Daniel’s interest in film directing. He is also currently president of the CAMAC Art Centre in France. In 2007 he formed a business partnership with John K Hall and became co-director of Esfor Limited.
Daniel’s ‘love affair’ with the Fender Rhodes electric piano has led him to develop new sound exploration techniques for the instrument. As well as his on-going experimentation as an improviser, he has been working as a sound-designer for several installations and inter-disciplinary events.
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