gwyn pritchard

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Gwyn Pritchard was born 1948. He first came to the attention of the British public in the late 1970s, but much of his compositional activity has always been based outside the UK, notably in Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, where in 2003 he founded the Reggello International Festival of Music.
Pritchard’s output includes music for orchestra, chamber ensembles, vocal works, music for solo instruments and pieces employing electronics. His music has been performed around the world, and has been represented at leading international festivals. It has also been widely broadcast, often under his own direction, on many radio and television networks. In 1982 he founded Uroboros Ensemble which includes some of Britain’s leading instrumentalists. He has composed several pieces for the group, and as their conductor has performed and broadcast with them throughout Britain and abroad. Pritchard has taught composition at Trinity College of Music, London, and has been invited to lecture and give masterclasses at many academic institutions in Europe and America.
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