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Somewhere in the deep past there were four creatures: One was a calf, perhaps a Yak calf, with a voice of wondrous harmonics. Another was an eagle, soaring above the mountains raising great bowls to heaven. The third was a man, who forged the wind of heaven into the weapons of angels. Finally there was a lion, who transformed the sounds of the others into his roar. Together they were HyperYak – the voice, the mountains, the roar of heaven.
Their time machine landed in a suburban street where they set up their cones and drills and began installing ley lines.
In reality their true forms were that of Michael Ormiston (Voice, Morin Khuur, Flutes, Jaw Harps, Bowls, Shawm, Electronics), Jeff Higley (Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cymbal, Jaw Harps, Flutes, Voice), Simon Desorgher (Ethnic and Modern Flutes) and Lawrence Casserley (Signal Processing Instrument, Percussion, Monoharps, Voice, Mozeño)
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