Adam Summerhayes ‘Inscapes 2’


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In his follow up to 'Inscapes 1', Adam Summerhayes hankering for interesting works for violin and piano to add to the duo repertoire resulted in this selection of contemporary and not-quite-so-contemporary music. He was keen to encourage the writing of new works and also to provide a platform for older works that deserved, but had never received, performance. These are the works that particularly caught his attention and imagination. The UK & Eire Composition Platform was set up to encourage the writing of duo for violin and piano, and to provide a stage for older works that deserved, but have never received, performance. Of the works chosen, some were indeed written specially for the platform, but  one of the pieces was even written in the late 1940's. Credits: Adam Summerhayes: violin - Catherine Summerhayes: piano - Alan Brown: piano Recorded at AJS Studio, St Albans, UK TRACK LIST: 1. CANTUS 1 (8:03) John Hails 2.-4. SONATINA (16:00) Geoffrey Wright 5. NOCTURNE (10:05) Alec Roth 6.-9. DIVERSIONS (13:30) Francis Routh 10. LOOPY VALSE (5:06) Tara Guram 11. CAUGHT (MIND-MACHINE 1) (12:56) Keith Gifford Also available as downloads: Inscapes 2 - Adam Summerhayes, Catherine Summerhayes & Alan Brown