Alienstalk ‘Alienstalk’


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Alienstalk vocalist extraordinaire Ellen Christi joins forces with some of the best European improvisators to produce an album of incredible energy and scope. Christi's extraordinary arsenal of vocal effects, including shrieks, howls, whispers and moans, paint impressionistic sound portraits ranging from the ambient to the abrasive. The band bring elements of jazz together with classical and electronic rock sounds occasionally reminiscent of King Crimson-type experimentation to create the ideal inspiration for Christi's vocal excursions. Be prepared for a wild ride. Credits: Vocals: Ellen Christi:  - Guitars: Claudio Lodati, Luigi Archetti - Bass: Jan Schlegel. All Compositions by Alienstalk. Produced by Alienstalk. Recorded at 'Baby Monster Studio' New York USA TRACK LIST: 1. LA PORTA 2. SAY: DOWN, DOWN, DOWN... 3. OFFICINA 4. ONE LEG 5. PURPOSE 6. ALLEN HALL 7. NEVER SHALL I MARRY 8. TALKING ABOUT CARS 9. MINIATURE 10. AMERICA 11. ROLLIN 12. LIGHT AND FIRE 13. SLEEP 14. SEISMIC EFFECTOR 15. OH, VIRGOLA Also available as downloads: Alienstalk - Alientstalk