Ambrose Field ‘Quantaform Series’


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UK composer Ambrose Field’s new work is a collection of solo flute compositions, featuring virtuoso flautist Jos Zwaanenburg, where each piece is placed in a different virtual space recreated digitally in the studio. In order to achieve the contrasts he was after, Field started working backwards, by first analysing the acoustics of the ‘spaces’ he wanted to place the flute in, and then writing music which would be most appropriate for each particular space. The result is a unique journey through imaginary venues and locations where the instrument and its environment are in perfect harmony. ‘Quantaform Series’ is divided in 20 short ‘Quantaform’ pieces, interspersed with 11 ‘Technoform’ tracks. Whereas the ‘Quantaform’ tracks are flute led, the ‘Technoform’ pieces are electronic ambient interludes where the flute is absent and only its echo, its ‘acoustic after image’ remains. The compositions are sparse and minimal in nature – each movement serves only one musical purpose. When that has been stated, the piece ends. There is no re-statement or re-deployment of material in the cycle. The influence of the Shakuhachi is never far away, and can be found in the long pitch-bends and overtone playing techniques. Ambrose Field explores new territories resulting from an unusual  approach to source material. He is a multi-award winner at the Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, and his compositions have received their performances at some of the world’s most prestigious concert venues including the Vienna Konzerthaus, and the Parco Della Musica, Rome.  In addition to working in contemporary music, Field draws on his love of medieval and renaissance techniques to create powerful new perspectives between past and present. Both BBC Music and Classic FM Magazine rated his mainstream contemporary classical project “Being Dufay” (ECM Records) “5-stars”. Field has broadcast and performed widely, and has served as panellist and advisor to a number of international events and conferences. Jos Zwaanenburg  performs extensively throughout Europe, the United States, South America, India, the Russian Federation, Korea and Japan as a so­loist, with orchestras, and as a member of chambermusic ensem­bles involved in classi­cal as well as impro­vised music. He also broadcasts on radio and television. He is internationally known for his research into extended play­ing tech­niques for the flute combi­ning his inte­rests in perfor­mance, theatre, composition and the use of live electro­nics.
Flute: Jos Zwaanenburg
1. - 9.  QUANTAFORM I - IX 10. - 13.  TECHNOFORM 1 - 4 14. - 18.  QUANTAFORM X - XIV 19. - 22.  TECHNOFORM 5 - 8 23. - 28.  QUANTAFORM XV - XX 29. - 31.  TECHNOFORM 9 - 11
Also available as downloads: Quantoform Series - Ambrose Field