Ambrose Field ‘Storm!’


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High impact, over-the-top sonic grandeur meets blistering metal guitar solos in Ambrose Field's debut electronica album 'Storm!'. In an album having more in common with Operation Desert Storm than anything natural, excess meets understatement head-on. The raw energy of 'Storm!' is driven by a highly original sound world: Ambrose journeyed to locations the world over to source field recordings desolate spaces, unique personal stories, military hardware testing, and urban protests. Bizarre stories, such as the personal yet public protest of a disillusioned theme park employee mingle with stadium-sized, post-digital rock tracks created from a plethora of electronically manipulated guitars and unusual percussion. 'Storm!' was four years in the making, and picked up an honorary mention at the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica awards. An explosive mix to be played loud! Credits: All instruments, live electronics and studio processing by Ambrose Field Recorded on location at: Union Square, San Francisco - Rosement, Chicago, USA - Osbaldwick, UK. TRACK LIST: 1. SILENT CITY (1:23) 2. THORS HAMMER (3:54) 3. CHINESE WHISPERS (1:59) 4. CATHEDRAL (5:01) 5. THE ALLIGATOR (1:55) 6. WHITE SANDS (7:47) 7. CALIFORNIA 911 (0:44) 8. WALL OF WINDOWS (3:33) 9. RECREATION (1:23) 10. TOMBSTONE CATALOGUE (2:16) 11. GUM (1:05) 12. HURRICANE RIDGE (11:43) Also available as downloads: Storm! - Ambrose Field