BEAST ‘Spike – vol.1’


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Created by composer/professor Jonty Harrison, the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) is one of the leading international systems for the presentation of electroacoustic music. Relatively unique as a large-scale touring loudspeaker orchestra, BEAST is now capable of mounting systems in excess of 100 discrete channels, and has for more than 25 years been an innovator and leader in the field.  It was founded in 1982 to showcase electroacoustic music produced in the Studios and around the world, since then over 50 postgraduate composers based in the Birmingham Studios have been members of BEAST. As well as winning international competitions and receiving performances, broadcasts and commissions, many of these composers have gone on to teach in universities all over the world. On this album a diverse choice of composers and compositional styles testify of the richness and excitment of pure sound exploration. The best of BEAST. Composition and performance: Iain Armstrong, Simon Scardanelli, Dugal McKinnon, Antti Saario, Derek Thompson, Steven Naylor, Peter Batchelor, James Bentley, Jamie Bullock. Vocals on I Wish: Rita Rankin - Smallpipe and whistle on I Wish: Glenn Coolen - Recording on I Wish: Glenn Meisner. TRACK LIST: 1. SET ADRIFT IN STOLEN MOMENTS (12:45) 2. A SHARP INTAKE OF BREATH (6:15) 3. HORIZONT IM OHR (10:00) 4. B-SIDE (3:13) 5. SPORTSTER (9:25) 6. I WISH (9:46) 7. STEAMIN (3:00) 8. BRUIT (10:00) 9. *ECLIPSE* (8:20) Also available as downloads: Spike: Works from Beast - Vol. 1 - Various Artists