BEAST ‘Viewpoint – vol.3’


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This album is a collection of pieces for an installation by the Electroacoustic Music Studios at the University of Birmingham (BEAST). Aldeburgh beach is a viewpoint. What you see is the sea and an English beach. But what does it look like on the other side? What are the beaches like along the opposite coastline? BEAST gives you a sonic impression of what you would be able to see if the conditions were different. You are invited to take a seat in one of the eight compartments facing coastal points of different European countries along the North Sea coast. Listen to eight BEAST composers presenting their works and letting you hear more than you can't see... Credits: Tracks composed by: Richard Whitelaw, Andy Dollerson, Iain Armstrong, Michael Wolters, Jon Aveyard, David Berezan, Peter Batchelor and Antti Saario in the Electroacoustic Music Studios, Birmongham University, UK. TRACK LIST: 1. NORWAY (2:02) 2. SWEDEN (BOWEN, ON SKAGERRAK) (5:10) 3. HOLMSLAND KLIT, DENMARK (4:14) 4. GERMANY (8:18) 5. NOORDWIJK, HOLLAND (4:39) 6. BELGIUM (THE WALL AND DE PANNE) (7:06) 7. FRANCE (VIS-À-VIS) (5:52) 8. ENGLAND (G&T-SWIMMERS) (10:50) Also available as downloads: Viewpoint: Works from Beast - Vol. 3 - Various Artists