Daniel Biro and Rob Palmer ‘The Long Journey Home’


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Daniel Biro returns in a collaboration with guitarist Rob Palmer, and as on previous releases, Biro continues his exploration of the Fender Rhodes electric piano, with Palmer's heavily treated guitar loops and soundscapes bringing a new dimension to his work. Bournemouth-based Palmer is a key player on the South-England experimental scene and has had long-term performance and recording collaborations with saxophonist Jon Lloyd (Hat Hut) and violinist Philipp Wachsmann (ECM). Over the years, Palmer has developed his unique style of guitar treatments and real-time loop-creating effects. Despite being friends for a many years, Palmer and Biro had never played together before this recording. When the time finally came for them to 'do something', the decision was taken to record whatever would happen during their first ever musical encounter. They also agreed not to talk about what sort of material they would play, leaving all options open. This led to three hours of recorded improvisations which were, eventually, edited down to one continuous 50 min piece. No other effects or treatments were added. The music born out of this experience is a slow-moving, ever-changing ambient landscape where both instruments melt into each other, creating suspended layers of loops and colours. Although divided into 6 parts, the piece is meant to be heard as one uninterrupted flow. A sometimes disquieting journey to a faraway home. Ambient music with teeth! Credits: Daniel Biro: Fender Rhodes electric piano, loops, effects - Rob Palmer: electric guitar, loops, lots of effects TRACK LIST: 1. Part 1 (5:23) 2. Part 2 (11:12) 3. Part 3 (7:22) 4. Part 4 (6:08) 5. Part 5 (10:04) 6. Part 6 (9:06) Also available as downloads: The Long Journey Home - Daniel Biro & Rob Palmer