Daniel Teruggi ‘The Shining Space’


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Franco-Argentinian composer Daniel Teruggi follows in the footsteps of the Paris-based GRM (Groupe de Recherche Musicale) and their illustrious founders Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry and Francois Bayle, representing the next generation of eletroacoustic explorers. 'The Shining Space' includes works written between 1997 and 1999 and each composition uses a single instrument; piano, electric guitar, voice, etc, as original sound source which is then transformed by the GRM's own processing tools (GRM tools). Teruggi's in-depth metamorphoses of the raw sonic materials reveals his inventiveness and mastery of the acousmatic vocabulary. The listener is surrounded by sonic 'trompe l'oeil' sensual disorientations and mirages. In Crystal Mirage UK virtuoso pianist Philip Mead leads the listener through a labyrinth of mirrored sounds where piano and tape are endlessly intertwined. Fugitives Voix features actor Jean Bollery and Brazilian singer Anna Maria Kieffer who lend their voices to Teruggi's manipulations. Other sonic 'guinea pigs' include Teruggi's own son on electric guitar in The Shining Space and a full symphony orchestra in Images Symphoniques. Going beyond the technological and cerebral aspects of a lot of electroacoustic music, the listener cannot help being drawn-in by Teruggi's unique emotional personality. 'The Shining Space' is a soulful and luminous dimension in which to investigate Teruggi's musical territories. Credits: Recorded at: Ina-GRM, Studio 116 - Engineer: Christian Zanesi - Mastering: Ina-GRM by Diego Losa TRACK LIST: 1. - 5. IMAGES SYMPHONIQUES (10:15) 6. - 10. CRYSTAL MIRAGES (14:58) 11. - 18. FUGITIVES VOIX (19:33) 19. - 26. THE SHINING SPACE (13:43) Also available as downloads: Teruggi: the Shining Space - Daniel Teruggi