Gamelan Semara Ratih Of Bali ‘Returning Minimalism’


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Returning Minimalism: on July 30, 2012, musicians of Bali’s Gamelan Semara Ratih entered the temple of the dead in Nagi to record music previously unheard on the island. The music, including group improvisation,was modelled on Terry Riley’s 1964 piece “In C”, a starting point of the minimalist movement in music. Since Indonesian gamelan music ostensibly influenced Riley and other minimalist composers, these performances complete a cycle of influence and blur the boundaries between contemporary and traditional music. This release come with extensive booklet notes describing the preparatory and recording processes of these two fascinatingly adventurous projects.
Anak Agung Gede Anom Putra, director; I Ketut Cater, music director John Noise Manis – concept, production, recording, mastering, photos Ken Worthy – artistic coordination, liner notes
1. ​In Deung - ‘vibration of the spirit’ (getaran jiwa) - 25:12 2. ​In Dang - ‘teruna’s dream’ (mimpi teruna) - 24:00  
Also available as downloads: Returning Minimalism - Gamelan Semara Ratih Of Bali