Javanese Gamelan Sound Library


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A special Gamelan sound library CD aimed primarily at musicians wishing to include traditional Gamelan instruments in their work. This collection of the percussive sounds of the Gamelan of Central Java in the 'slendro' and 'pelog' scales of the Montebello Gamelan, also includes additional sounds of Javanese-built gamelan instruments (gender, saron, bonang) in the 12-tone chromatic scale. Altogether the collection includes 508 sounds. In order to retain the original qualities of the sounds, the instruments have been recorded without additional processing, and the natural duration of sounds has not been changed. The CD booklet provides detailed information on the instruments, photos, sound characteristics, scales, tuning and a 94 track list. This is a unique and invaluable tool for composers, libraries, studios. On buying this CD you purchase a lifetime licence granting you the right to use the sound recordings on this CD in your productions. This covers commercial and non-commercial use, broadcast and performance worldwide. We would however request that any such use be notified to Only the original purchaser of the licence can use the music. This right is non transferable. Credits: Recorded at Montebello, Italy by John Noise Manis and John Palmer TRACK LIST: There are 94 tracks of classical gamelan instruments on this CD including: 6 gong ageng, 6 gong suwukan, 8 kempul, 14 kenong, 5 bonang, 1 bedug, 3 kendhang, 2 slenthem, 2 gender, 1 gender panerus, 6 kemanak, 2 slentho, 2 demung, 2 saron, 2 peking, 2 gambang gangsa, 2 gambang kayu, 1 keprak.