Jonathan Harvey ‘Passion & Resurrection (2 CDs)’


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Set for sixteen characters, small chorus and chamber orchestra, Jonathan Harvey's 'Passion & Resurrection' is a BBC live performance recording of The BBC Singers and Sinfonia 21 conducted by Martin Neary and featuring baritone Stuart MacIntyre as Jesus. The work was commissioned by Martin Neary in 1981 for performance as a diocesan community celebration, by largely local singers in Winchester Cathedral. It was produced by the late bishop of Winchester, John V. Taylor whose involvement prompted a BBC television documentary 'The Challenge of the Passion'. By reviving the practice of Latin church dramas where the audience or congregation participates in the singing of the plainsong hymns, Harvey emphasizes the ritualistic rather than conventionally operatic nature of the work. The music and instrumentation reflects the division between the austere, dark, male-dominated music of Passion and the florid, bright, female-dominated Resurrection. Thus a long journey, from chant to song, is taken. Jonathan Harvey has a truly global reputation, and is considered as one of the most skilled and imaginative composers writing today. He has also composed for most other genres, including large orchestra, ensemble and solo instrumental and electronica. He is much renowned for his choral music, much of which is suited for church performance. With 'Passion and Resurrection', his most ambitious recording to date, Harvey reaches out and touches the sublime. Credits: This recording was made by the BBC of a live performance in St.John's, Smith Square, London, on 22nd March 1999. Produced by Jonathan Harvey and Daniel Biro - BBC Producer: Michael Emery - BBC Recording Engineer: Simon Hancock Text by Faber Music Ltd TRACK LIST: PASSION 1. liturgy (2:53) 2. scene 1: judas and caiphas (2:36) 3. scene 2: judas' betrayal (2:14) 4. scene 3: peter and malchus (1:40) 5. scene 4: jesus before caiphas (4:53) 6. scene 5: peter's denial (3:00) 7. scene 6: judas' repentance (1:48) 8. scene 7: jesus before pilate (6:37) 9. scene 8: dialogue of procula's maid with pilate and procula (4:15) 10. scene 9: jesus before pilate (4:05) 11. scene 10: jesus in the praetorium (1:48) 12. procession: jesus is brought to calvary and is crucified (8:21) 13. scene11: death of jesus and deposition from the cross (8:36) RESURRECTION 1. scene 12: the resurrection garden (23:14) 2. liturgy and dispersal (8:40) Also available as downloads: Harvey: Passion and Resurrection - Jonathan Harvey, BBC Singers, Sinfonia 21 & Martin Neary