Jonathan Harvey and Frances-Marie Uitti ‘Imaginings’


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This re-release documents the historic meeting of leading contemporary composer Jonathan Harvey and internationally renowned cellist Frances-Marie Uitti. 'Imaginings' is a set of nine extracts from an improvisation for cello and synthesisers. Although taken from a single and spontaneously-conceived creation, each selected extract concentrates on particular musical ideas and timbric sources. The result is a collection of eerie and evocative sonic landscapes that explore a variety of innovative and often surprising techniques. Recorded in the Harvey studio in 1993, these experiments in sound are only lightly edited - mostly to eliminate background 'noise' provided by the family dog Sappho! The cello is retuned but untreated electronically; the synthesisers used are the Yamaha SY77 and DX7 11. Credits: Frances-Marie Uitti: cello - Jonathan Harvey: synthesizers TRACK LIST: 1. (12:37) 2. (4:42) 3. (0:53) 4. (3:40) 5. (5:08) 6. (5:44) 7. (8:26) 8. (10:25) 9. (3:38) Also available as downloads: Imaginings - Jonathan Harvey & Frances-Marie Uitti