Lawrence Casserley ‘Crystalline Strata’


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Lawrence Casserley explains that a key factor in his collaboration with Rainer and Martin Bürck is the constant layering of different elements and sonic objects. They are playing constantly with different levels of integration and separation between the layers. This is particularly apparent in his role, partly because his own instrument can be seen as a 'layer making machine', but also because of the way he switches between processing Rainer’s sounds, Martin’s sounds and both together. It is as if he is controlling a fountain that springs from two different sources; sometimes highlighting differences between them, sometimes fusing their two sounds into one stream; sometimes both at once. Thus much of the layering springs directly from his transformations. The brothers’ crisp percussive sounds are marvellously crystalline structures in themselves, and frequently build into larger crystalline forms, both individually and in duet. Another characteristic of Casserley's instrument is that it is a creator of resonances; he has a large array of different resonances available, and employs them frequently to enhance and extend the crystallinity of the sounds, while also multiplying and layering them into a crystalline strata. But these are merely the atoms, the building blocks of what they do; it is the architecture that is the music. In the end it is the way they interact together, and the way these relationships vary, that creates these forms. Credits: Lawrence Casserley: signal processing instrument - Martin Bürck: precussion - Rainer Bürck: piano TRACK LIST: 1. CRYSTALLINE MATERIALS (8:50) 2. ALLOTROPY (11:59) 3. LATENT HEAT OF FUSION (16:02) 4. DIFFERENT KINDS OF SNOW (22:27) 5. QUARTZITE (6:31) 6. CRYSTALLINE SYNTHESIS (7:33) Also available as downloads: Crystalline Strata - Lawrence Casserley, Rainer Bürck & Martin Bürck