Lawrence Casserley ‘Labyrinths’


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Labyrinths have always fascinated Lawrence Casserley; he has a love of complexity and ambiguity, and his music has always tried to follow paths where it was not clear in which direction they might lead. Most particularly, the idea of a space of many dimensions, including time as another kind of space, has been an important element in his thinking for many years. Since the late 1960s his work for instruments with live electroacoustic processing has frequently placed the musician in the centre of a labyrinth of sound. Typically the nature of this labyrinth is closely involved in the musical idea. Casserley thinks of myself not only as a composer, but as an instrument designer, and for each of these pieces he designed a computer instrument that is intimately linked to the acoustic instrument in order to articulate the musical ideas. The instrument and the piece are one concept. Credits: Lawrence Casserley: Percussion, Voice and Live Computer Processing - Simon Desorgher: Flute Bass Flute and Live Computer Processing - Richard Durrant: Guitar - Carol Morgan: Piano TRACK LIST:  1. LABYRINTH  (21:20) 2. THE GARDEN OF FORKING PATHS (20:40) - Syllabic Music - The Pavilion of the Limpid Solitude - The Labyrinth of Time 3. THE MONKS PRAYER (10:35) 4. VISTA CLARA (13:29) Also available as downloads: Labyrinths - Lawrence Casserley