Lawrence Casserley ‘The Edge Of Chaos’


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A special album to celebrate Lawrence Casserley's 60th birthday. Using his self-designed computer processing instruments, Casserley transforms the sounds of metal percussion, gongs, cymbals creating intricate 'clouds' of sonic morphing. The inspiration for these pieces comes from the works of painter Antoni Tapies and writer Jorge Luis Borges. As Lawrence puts it;- "The ideas of Journey and Transformation have been constants in my work for many years, and since, more than thirty years ago, I began to work with electronic sound, these ideas have become fused into one entity. Each sound is taken on a journey of transformation in which new aspects of itself are discovered; and so the listener is also led on a journey of discovery. There is also another kind of journey, my own personal journey to create an electronic instrument that enables me to create spontaneously the sound transformations that my music requires. Recently I have developed a computer processing instrument that begins to answer these needs - the journey is still going on..." Credits: All tracks composed and performed by Lawrence Casserley - Voice, Metal Percussion, Monoharps, Signal Processing Instrument Recorded at STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) Amsterdam, Netherlands - Mixed and Edited at LEO, Buckinghamshire, UK - Recorded, edited and produced by Lawrence Casserley TRACK LIST:  1. RAGNAROK (10:31) 2. GREY RELIEF IN FOUR PARTS (8:41) 3. 'X' (4:18) 4. INFINIT (6:14) 5. CARDBOARD WITH KNOTTED ROPE (9:36) 6. 'Y' (10:02) 7. BROWN, GRAY AND RED RELIEF/EVERYTHING AND NOTHING (12:22) Also available as downloads: The Edge of Chaos - Lawrence Casserley