Sanggar Ceraken Of Bali ‘Gamelan Cage’


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Gamelan Cage: the parallels between Balinese gamelan and certain works by John Cage – the ones of the'prepared piano' period – seemed obvious to John Noise Manis who, together with Andrew McGraw, embarked on producing this recording in Bali with a purposely put together gamelan orchestra led by I Madé Subandi. Special arrangements of Cage's scores were produced giving them a whole new sonic dimension. This release come with extensive booklet notes describing the preparatory and recording processes of these two fascinatingly adventurous projects.
Credits: Recordings made on July 29-30, 2012, at the Purnati Center for the Arts, Bali
Gamelan Ceraken - I Madé Subandi, director John Noise Manis – concept, production, recording, mastering, photos Andrew Clay McGraw – artistic direction, musical arrangements, liner notes
1.​ Bacchanale   (1940) 2.​ Primitive   (1942) 3. ​Tossed As It Is Untroubled   (1943) 4.​ Prelude For Meditation   (1944) 5.​ The Unavailable Memory Of​(1944) 6. ​Mysterious Adventure   (1945) 7. ​Daughters Of The Lonesome Isle   (1945) 8.​ Music For Marcel Duchamp   (1947)​ 9.​ Sonata V   (1946-1948)  
Also available as downloads: Gamelan Cage - Sanggar Ceraken Of Bali