Siren Circus ‘Solid Poems On A Ghost Of A Subject’


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After being active on the international underground and arts club scene for years, Siren Circus release their debut album 'Solid Poems on a Ghost of a Subject' a collection of songs ranging from densely woven epics to naked ballads and featuring their extraordinary virtuoso voices. A chain of sonic-tales unwinds through a twilight territory of dreams, ghostly worlds and urbanity. Siren Circus' riveting vocal performances, poetic sensibilities, humour and fusing of musical styles (from opera to folk music) creates a totally original listening experience. Not to be missed. Credits: All songs composed, interpreted, and performed by Cathryn V Robson & Lucie Robson. Produced by Siren Circus and Daniel Biro. Engineered and mixed by Mike Willox. Recorded at The Judge's Urbanautical Studio - London. TRACK LIST:  1. ANTHEM 2. SWEET SYNCHRONICITY 3. DUCK IS A DUCK 4. MY FATHER WAS A FRENCHMAN 5. UNSTRAIGHTFORWARD WORLD 6. SUBTEXT 7. LIQUID MOON 8. CREVICES 9. PENTHESILEA 10. MORNING SUNLIGHT 11. GOT MY SLAP ON 12. CLOSET SOMETHINGS 13. SAD PASSENGER 14. DOORMAN 15. WORLD WAS YOUNG Also available as downloads: Solid Poems On a Ghost of a Subject - Siren Circus