Various ‘Songs Without A Face – Book One’


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A carefully selected collection of songs and sounds by a wide range of exciting artists, all of whom have been enormously creative over the years, despite their lack of mainstream success. An excellent opportunity to discover new performances from artists who have a talent for pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. From the sweetest vocals you may have ever heard in L’Orange, a young French singer who was classically trained in opera, to the hard ‘progressive jazz’ sounds of Mysteries Of The Revolution, highly acclaimed by Time Out as sounding "like Oscar Wilde on acid!", you’re sure to find something to get excited about in this unique collection. The artists here are gathered from a trio of innovative record labels, S4, Blue Serene Focus, and the renowned Sargasso, representing a wide range of vocal and instrumental styles, all of which hang together as an intriguing, pleasurable, whole. TRACK LIST:  1. SOMETHING WITHOUT A NAME - L'Orange (4:52) 2. TASTE OF CROW - Songs From A Random House (3:27) 3. NOTTURNO O MATTUTINO - Daniel Biro (2:59) 4. DOORMAN - Siren Circus (5:10) 5. PURPOSE - Alienstalk (2:30) 6. I FEEL LOVE - Songs From A Random House (6:03) 7. DR J AND MR H'S CHEEK TO CHEEK MIDNIGHT RAVE - Elena Riu (2:22) 8. NICO - Mysteries Of The Revolution (5:33) 9. THE HOUR BEFORE WE KNEW EACH OTHER - L'Orange (5:13) 10. INTERPLAY 1 - Daniel Biro (3:59) 11. PULSE MUSIC III (extract) - John McGuire (3:14) 12. MISSY LAKE - Elena Riu (2:22) 13. SAD PASSENGERS- Siren Circus (3:20) 14. HAVE YOU SEEN ENOUGH? - Mysteries Of The Revolution (8:43) Also available as downloads: Songs Without a Face (Book One) - Various Artists