Violeta Dinescu ‘Reversing Fields’


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Romanian-born Violeta Dinescu is gaining a reputation as one of the most gifted composers of her generation. These mainly solos and duos for viola, clarinet and saxophone blend European experimentalism, exploiting the instruments' multiphonics, with Romanian folk traditions. Most of these compositions were written specifically for the interpreters on the album, including Romanian virtuosos Sanda Craciun and Aurelian Octav Popa. As Dinescu explains: "In the beginning of every composition I try to find a sphere, an imaginary space where the flood of imagination can meet the rigour of thought." Credits: Sanda Craciun: viola - Aurelian Octav Popa: clarinet - Harry Kinross White: saxophone with The Clara Wiek Trio. Recorded at Tonstudio van Geest, Germany TRACK LIST: 1. LICHTWELLEN (7:35) for clarinet 2. RAND (10:35) for clarinet and viola 3. REVERSING FIELDS (7:25) for clarinet 4. DIALOGO (7:40) for clarinet and viola 5. IMPROVISATION (5:55) for saxophone 6. DIN CIMPIOU (15:20) for viola 7. ICHTHYS (15:50) for violin, cello and piano Also available as downloads: Reversing Fields - Violeta Dinescu