Violeta Dinescu and Karmeila Tsepkolenko ‘Piano Music’


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As composers, Violeta Dinescu and Karmelila Tsepkolenko seek a balance between two important poles. On the one hand, there is the essential, deep, inner life of music, a central concern of south-eastern European music, which is reflected in technical terms such as monody, heterophony, modality. On the other hand, the active imagination, combined with structural individuality that is typical of much western music. Thanks to the tremendous artistry of virtuoso pianist Werner Barho this collection of piano solos reveal the range of both Dinescu and Tsepokolenko's vocabulary, drawing from the more narrative folk traditions of their respective countries and integrating them within contemporary compositional processes. A lesson in style, imagination and beauty. Credits: Performed by: Werner Barho in the Golden Hall of Odessa Literature Museum on an 'Estonia' grand piano Produced by: Violeta Dinescu (Germany) and the New Music Association (Odessa, Ukraine) - Recorded by: Studio Arkadia (Kiev) - Sound engineer: Valeriy Stupnitskiy - Digital mastering by: Studio Arkadia (Kiev), Valeriy Stupnitskiy TRACK LIST: 1. ECHOES I (9:12) 2. TORRE DI SI (2:59) 3. SUBITISSIMO (10:41) 4. EVENING PATIENCE (8:38) 5. PAYSAGE SOLO (6:58) 6. OUT OF THE BLUES (5:10) 7. SELF REFLECTIONS I & II (12:22) for piano and tape Also available as downloads: Piano Music: Barho Performs Dinescu & Tsepkolenko - Werner Barho, Violeta Dinescu & Karmella Tsepkolenko