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daniel biro
‘120 onetwenty extracts’

from the new album ‘120 onetwenty’

extract collage from hour-long electronic synth electro-jazz/ambient instrumental album inspired by 70s synth era.

Brian inglis

from the new album ‘living stones’

Piano solo composition by Brian Inglis’ inspired by the found footage of his parents’ wedding.

daniel biro
‘shir hadash 2’

from the new album ‘shir hadash’

New video taken from Biro’s latest album of gospel-inspired a-cappella vocal songs. Featuring singers from the Elastic Theatre Ensemble.

basil athanasiadis
‘clouds that i like’

from the album ‘clouds that i like’

Clouds That I Like is a setting of an excerpt taken from Sei Shonagon’s classic ‘The Pillow Book’, and the music is a reflection on this simple yet colourful and fluid imagery portrayed in the text

interview with jonathan harvey

Extract from ‘Interview with Jonathan Harvey’ by Barrie Gavin